My Biggest Strengths


I take pride in my organizational skills, which shows in every aspect of my professional life. From planning detailed projects and events to showing up 5 minutes early to every meeting to maintaining a tidy workspace, I prioritize structure and efficiency. My planner is my best friend and I never leave home without it!

Customer Focused

I prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, whether it's through providing standout service, anticipating their needs, or resolving any issues they might have. I strive to build trusting relationships with clients by actively listening to their feedback, understanding their preferences, and tailoring solutions to meet their specific goals.


I'm driven by my strong desire to create a significant, positive change within the organizations I dedicate myself to. Regardless if it is an academic endeavor, professional project, or personal aspiration, I welcome each challenge as a chance to improve. I don't just want to complete a task, I want to exceed expectations.


I excel in collaborative settings, valuing teamwork and utilizing diverse perspectives to achieve optimal goals. However, I also know when to step up and take charge. Whatever the task entails, if it be guiding a project, motivating teammates, or making tough decisions, I'm adept at balancing collaboration with leadership, knowing when to empower others and when to provide direction.